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In 2015, I started a blog about cheating in marathons. I am a numbers geek, and have been fascinated about why and how people were cheating in amateur road racing. became well known in running circles. Not everyone loves the work I do with Marathon Investigation, but the vast majority of feedback has been positive. It is undeniable that the site has had an impact.

Along the same lines, I have always been interested, and appalled by scams such as Ponzi schemes and Pyramid schemes. I’m sure that everyone reading this has been exposed to Multi Level Marketing on some level. You got invited to a party, or were pitched a business opportunity, and were subjected to a high pressure pitch to sign up for an MLM.

I am hoping to take the knowledge gained from building Marathon Investigation, and apply it to the shady world of Multi Level Marketing. There will be many differences. I will be speaking out against large corporations and their practices. I am ready for the challenges and roadblocks that will surely be thrown at me.



MLM Investigator Mission

There is already a lot of content out there about the dangers of MLMs. I plan on sharing much of that content while building a library of information on specific MLMs.  I also have an email setup where readers are encouraged to send in any information regarding The MLM Industry. Emails are kept completely anonymous. Please send emails to

I plan to analyse and report on MLM compensation plans, income disclosures, and recruiting tactics. I will also take a look at those on the outside of the industry that are profiting on people desperate to succeed.

The website will be ever evolving as I wade through the ton of information and try to present the information in the way that is most fair and the most impactful.

I am working on setting up social media on all platforms. For now you can follow me on twitter.

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  1. It would be great if everyone who reads this can refer 4 people to read it… then they can recruit 4 each, and before you know it we all will be rich with knowledge on how Derek will expose these schemes! Can’t wait to read, thanks!

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